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    Enzymeking Biotechnology Company Limited. specializes in manufacture, supply, and research bio enzymes,  which are applied at health supplements, scientific research, and foods & cosmetics industries.


    We dedicate our business on manufacturing and developing various natural bio enzymes. With proven extraction and

    purification technology, our global activities are directed toward supplying high purity natural bio enzymes to our customers. Our customers are from Asia, America and Europe, includes pharmaceutical and health supplement companies, research

    institutions, bio chemical companies and foods & cosmetics manufacturers.


    Enzymeking Biotechnology possess 70,000 square feet manufacturing facilities complied with ISO22000 and GMP

    requirements. Our 100,000 grade sanitized facilities is so far the highest standard in the bio-enzyme raw material industry. We cooperate with our customers's customized requirements and deliver enzymes worldwide in a timely fashion. With solid

    quality control system in place, we ensure to provide our customers reliable, consistent and cost effective bio enzymes .


    We believe in long-term relationship and win win business cooperation. We respect our partners, share business resources and strive to achieve the long term busisness perpectiveWe welcome you to share your thoughts, ideas and proposals about bio enzyme business with us.